Quick Start Guide

This is also known as a ‘House Manual’. It is also available as a pink laminated sheet inside the apartment.


We love living at Trio for many reasons. Besides the mesmerising mountain view, you’ll discover a quaint neighbourhood shopping experience (mostly food) all within walking distance.

Head up the Huay Kaew Road (the street right outside and go towards the mountain) cross the busy Canal Road, then turn right to go up the Soi @ the 7-11 corner. Here you’ll find the religious effigy Ganesh, breakfast, coffee, and fresh fruit on the roadside market.

A little further up Huay Kaew Road towards the mountain, you’ll discover our favourite non-thai restaurant ‘Tsunami’. It’s not hard to guess that it serves delicious Japanese food at a reasonable price.

Opposite Trio, there is the “Smooth” massage shop, restaurant, and an amazing nostalgic discount clothes store called “Export 71”. There are two excellent co-working spaces nearby; namely ‘Food 4 Thought‘ and ‘WakoBake’. Both have fast free internet; even thought Trio itself has free wifi as well (see below).


Water pipes in Thailand are smaller than back home – so its vital to NEVER flush tissues or any paper down the toilet bowl. Use the water spray instead of paper. We have provided a rubbish bin for the disposal of the paper. 

Please call us if you want any furniture moved. We will help you to avoid injury and damage to the condo. Also, do not under any circumstances, try and fix anything; even if it’s a light bulb. Call us instead. Our contact details are below. 

LAUNDRY We have supplied a drying rack on your balcony. Besides the washing machine in your room, there are coin-machines and dryers downstairs at the back of the building @ B20 per wash. Or call Em’s pick-up and delivery wash and dry service chiangmailaundry.com or 0821801303

We have supplied cleaning materials including a blue microfibre mop, a blue bucket, a blue broom and pan and brush to keep the apartment tidy. Contact the Office if you want a professional cleaner to service your room @ a cost of just B500.

Electricity and Water bills are issued towards the end of the month. Look for the invoice in your post box near the foyer. Water bills are generally under 100 baht and paid at the office and electricity bills are about 500 baht and are paid at 7-11 within 7 days of issue.

Water will be delivered via a crate of 20 bottles. When finished, a new crate can be delivered to your room via the security office on the ground 1st floor for a cost of just B50. 

Trash and garbage can be left in the rubbish bins provided in the small room between each floor. You will need to take a few steps up to the left of the lift to find the door. 

The blue security tag allows entry and monitors movements via the ground (1st) floor foyer, and parking on the 2nd and 3rd floors. The daytime security gentleman’s name is Khun Con; please greet him and all the other Trio staff warmly. If your room uses a key instead of a numbered keypad, then Security has a spare key if you lose it or lock yourself out. 

Casual parking of motorbikes is on the ground 1st floor while cars and permanent motorbikes can be parked on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Access the door using your blue security tag. We have one excellent Yamaha motorbike for rent @ B2500 per month.

There are 2 remotes: the AC and the TV. Please inform us immediately if the batteries need changing.

AIR CONDITIONING. Push the orange button on the remote to turn on the AC. Thats all you need to do. Please do not use any other buttons or adjust the settings. We have found that the air-conditioner is better value if you switch it ON to cool the room before you sleep and then switch it OFF and use the standing fan while sleeping. Having the AC on all day means high electricity bills of approx. US$45 per month. 

Smoking is only allowed on the balcony. Please do not smoke inside the apartment as the smell is impossible to remove.

Free internet can be accessed on each floor. Ask us for the username and password. Faster speeds are available with a monthly account from Sinet available with your passport ID from the 3rd floor on Maya Shopping. They will install a modem within 24 to 48 hours. 

The swimming pool and gymnasium and sauna are on the 5th Floor and open from 6am to 9pm. 

A printer is available upon request. Email documents to chiangmaicondo8@gmail.com

Instructions on how to use the coffee machine are in the kitchen draw.


Check your mailbox for a notice about parcels. The address here is 

188/9 The Trio Condo + your apartment # ……..

Moo 2  Thanon Huaykaew Rd Tambol ChangPuak

Chiang Mai Amphur Muang 50300 Thailand


You have up to 12 midnight – the entire day – to checkout of your room. Upon inspection, your one month deposit bond will be refunded minus a cleaning and laundry fee (refer to your lease) and any remaining water ands electricity bills. Please leave the keys & fob inside and lock the door when you leave.

CONTACT Facebook Messenger is our preferred communication tool. 

If you have any questions, please contact Peter (English) on 08 50308855

OR Minny (thai) on 06 18085889 or chiangmaicondo8@gmail.com

Thank you for choosing us to host your stay in lovely Chiang Mai. We trust your experience will be pleasant in every way. Please review our level of service and the quality of our facilities on Facebook.