Mountain View

Make ‘Mountain View’ A Must

There has been a lot of talk lately about the importance of a ‘Mountain View’ when you stay in Chiang mai. I realized this very late.

I had lived in Chiang Mai for more than one year when I visited a friend in her condo and saw that she enjoyed this breath-taking view of the majestic Doc Suthep mountain. It totally blew me away; and within two weeks I had moved from No View to Amazing View. And Ive stayed here ever since.

Now everyday, the first thing I do is wander out to the balcony and think how lucky I am to have this beautiful landscape right in front of me. With the ever changing weather pattern taking place right before my eyes.


The point is this: consider carefully your accommodation options before you decide the place to call your temporary home. At the end of the day, a pool is just a pool – like gyms, they are the same worldwide. But a beautiful outlook can inspire and invigorate you in a unique way and becomes one of your enduring memories of your stay in Chiang Mai Northern Thailand.

My recommendation is that you put ‘Mountain View’ at the top of your priority list. These properties are well worth searching for and even paying a little extra for as well.